BER Architect

Client Bernat Navarro
Year 2019
Role Web Design / Branding

01. Concept

Bernat Navarro graduated in Architecture in 2017. Ever since, he has taken part in many different projects. 2019 was his most ambicious year when designing and bringing to life the 'BEN Terrassa'. A unique construction in the middle of the city, featuring a rooftop lounge and pool following the latest touches in architecture and interior design.

02. Work

It was about time he had his own website / portfolio, so he could grow as professional. In doing that, a whole visual branding was created including a new logo, business cards, invoice templates, social media mockups...The research and introspection of creating his architect brand made him more confident in what he wanted, where he was going, and what he needed to get there.

03. Process

I draw inspiration from his work and past education to present the first drafts of his branding. We gathered a moodboard, set the brand font and color palettes, created a logo, among others. We then moved forward creating the website and the stationery.

modern chairs architecture holiday rental airbnb photographer indoor plants.jpg


Logo - Brand Book - Website - Assets